Buttered Shrimp from Bugoys seafood resto

Buttered Garlic Shrimp | Bugoy’s Seafood Resto

Homey plate of shrimp and garlic cooked in butter.

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Buttered Garlic Shrim from| Bugoy's Seafood Resto

To complement the exquisite seafood fare, Bugoy’s Seafood Resto offers a delightful array of signature mixes at their mini bar. These carefully crafted concoctions are perfect for those seeking a refreshing sip to accompany their meal. Don’t miss their must-try chocolata drink, available in both hot and cold versions, which promises a rich and indulgent experience for dark chocolate enthusiasts.

Bugoy’s Seafood Resto takes pride in catering to families. Parents can revel in their delectable seafood delights while their little ones frolic in the mini playground thoughtfully provided by the restaurant. This thoughtful touch ensures that every member of the family can relish their time at Bugoy’s, creating cherished memories together.

Address of Bugoy’s Seafood Restaurant

QH5V+39 Coastal Road, Jaro, Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines


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